Week 5 – Classmate Conversation – Christian Espinoza


This past Thursday, I had the opportunity to meet, who I would call, a very nice guy named Christina Espinoza. He is a freshman here at CSULB.

Espinoza is from Harbor City, which is near Redondo Beach. He had completely explain to me where that was because I just didn’t know. He said it was a while away, but it is not so bad because he is able to get to and from school and he likes CSULB so far. In his opinion, it is affordable and it is a good school.

As I was talking with Christian, I noticed that he had a certain politeness about him. Sure enough, he tells me that he wants to be a teacher. Specifically, he wants to be a teacher of Special Education. His aunt, who has Down Syndrome, has inspired him to help other children like her and who struggle with the same complications, ensuring they attain an education as well. To get an idea of what it would be like, Christian decided to take an Autism class, in which he had a few friends and ultimately, he really liked it.

Along with a teaching aspiration, Espinoza also is a part of the school’s Underground Music Society, which basically is a group of a few bands that play music. Christian has a passion for music and has had a passion for it for many years. He has been playing the guitar since he was eight and now, he hopes that he can find a bass and/ or drummer so they can potentially start a band. To demonstrate his passion for music, he also plays for his church. I like to call him “Christian Christian” for this. Out of generosity, he does this as volunteer work and community service, which makes him an attribute to Long Beach’s most kind young men.

It is obvious that Espinoza has a nice personality. When he was younger he liked to draw, but over time, he has found himself to not be as creative when it comes to visual arts. He claims that he is a bit pessimistic when it comes to that. In my eyes, he is creative in the sense that he is talented and executes the talent in a form that compliments his religion and desire to serve the community. He is great addition to the school and this student has the potential to go far. More on Christian Espinoza can be found here:



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