Week 15 – Classmate Conversation – Elizabeth Banuelos & Renato Muralles


This past week at the galleries, I had a chance to meet two new faces instead of one. I was cruising with my friend, Kiara, I saw Renato standing in the center of all of the galleries. It looked like he was awaiting someone; so, I decided that it was me for whom he was waiting. I approached him, and then, we were approached by a nice young lady by the name of Elizabeth. So, I had an opportunity to speak and get to know both, Elizabeth Banuelos and Renato Muralles.

To commence our conversation, I asked them if there should have been any particular order in which we could use to have the conversation progress. They were not so sure; so, we all just decided to laugh and continue. There was already a nice little chemistry between us three at the same time, which made me look forward to the real conversation.

So, after discovery that posing a question to both of my new friends at the same time would not be the conversation’s forte, I began to speak directly with Elizabeth. I asked her pretty much about her life. She claims to have been born in Torrence, but she was raised in Long Beach. I asked her why she chose to come to this school if she had pretty much been around it her whole life. She says that a move would probably be hard on her because she loves her family and her friends, and her whole life is pretty much here in the city of Long Beach. I, then, decided to ask Renato the same question, and he says that one reason he decided to attend to CSULB was because of family as his brother came here. Another factor that played a role in his decision to come here was the convenience of the proximity.

As a result, I realized that I preferred to ask Elizabeth and Renato a question at the same time because it feel more personable to me. Something gave me the desire to asking them about their majors. I learned that Renato is a Business: Accountancy Major, and Elizabeth is a Kinesiology: Exercise Science Major. Renato claims to like numbers and the career choices although he may change his major, and funny enough, Elizabeth cracked a joke about loving numbers at which Renato and I laughed. Originally, Elizabeth had her eyes set on being a Nursing Major, but she decided that the field would be too difficult and considered the possibility of going into some sort of therapy. I was able to tell her of a program that she may be interested in, and that reminded me to ask them about the organizations of which they were a part.

So, neither of them a currently a part of any clubs, but they definitely are looking into the possibility for the future of next term and thereon. I recommended some of the clubs I knew of that I thought they might have been interested in. Elizabeth and Renato then proceeded to ask me if I was a part of anything on campus, and I had given them my whole resume. Elizabeth inferred that I was super busy and I must be exhausted. I told them that I was used to the workload and stress load because of my roles in high school, and they told me they had high school experience as well. Renato was a part of Key Club which provides community service, and Elizabeth was a part of Female Leadership which entails volunteer work and opportunity.

After speaking with them on this subject, I concluded that both of them were nice and wanted to help people. They confirmed this by verbalizing their interests in giving others a helping hand. The two asked what I wanted to do in my career and after I told them of my aspirations and the amount of difficulty that will come along with it, Elizabeth inspired me to just work hard to achieve my life goals. She said it in a very motivational way, a way in which I would have told someone. So, a smile grew on my face at that moment. Renato had a smile on his face as well, and in the moment, I noticed that it looked like he was going to run a mile on the track. We had a conversation about our interests during which I also learned that is soccer player. Although it was stereotypical, I told him that I could tell that he was soccer player by the way he was dressed. He looked down at himself to confirm the interpretation of his attire. Elizabeth and I laughed at his curiosity.

I shared a laugh with them both at the same time, and I also shared an individual laugh with them. I really enjoyed the conversation I had with them because they are both personable and inquisitive. When I asked them how to spell their names, they said it was common for people to misspell. I related and told them that I would just spell out mine for the same reason. Elizabeth asked me to pronounce and after I did, they learned that I spoke Spanish, which they thought was pretty cool as fellow Spanish speakers. More on Elizabeth Banuelos and Renato Muralles can be found here:




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