Week 13 – Classmate Conversation – Emmanuel Lara


I met a very interesting guy this past week. We actually had some things in common that I did not think to have in common with him. Similar to my presumptions, he thought that I was actually older than I was. We both laughed at our presumptions and we ended up having a good conversation. I was able to relate to some of the things he was saying as we have some similar history. Before we met, I had only seen Emmanuel Lara with our fellow classmate, Devonte, but we got to know each other more in a one on one conversation.

Emmanuel is a current CSULB Junior, studying Recreation. Now, although he has always been a sporty type of person anyways, he actually as a Film major until just recently. I recently switched my major from Theatre Arts to Film, and there was a time that we were the same major for about one or two weeks. He claims to have switched because he knew he had different aspirations. He wants to be a football coach and event planner.

Not only has Lara played sports for recreational purposes such as rugby, baseball, track & field, and football, but he has also helped his father coach local teams. As soon as he is done with school, Emmanuel leaves to help his dad at Warren High School. Through this time commitment and dedication, he has earned himself some experience with other football players and with kids who come and see the campus, which Lara likes because it gives them a chance to see the school and he is exposed to what he will be dealing with in the future.

Emmanuel did play football in high school when he attended Long Beach Poly High. He did not really like playing football. In fact, he hated it, and I completely understood where he was coming from. I played football and it was not really a sport I liked to invest a lot of my time in. Lara had similar feelings toward football until he developed interests into other aspects of the sport like event planning and organizing. With this in mind, Lara has multiple sources of influence when it comes to his aspirations. He suggests that he was just born into the football life. His father and his uncles all played football, and he feels like playing football just came to easily to him because he had always been exposed to it, even though he did not have the desire to play it.

I understood this as well. I never liked to play football, but my dad always had a thing for football. Although I never really liked it, it just came easily and almost naturally for me despite my nice and friendly personality. With his personality, I thought that Lara’s aspirations and life goals could actually allow him to go to multiple places in the world. However, he says that he could have gone to either Miami or Oregon, but he decided to stay in his home town of Long Beach because he developed and wants to further his interest in coaching with his dad for now. Lara is a nice guy and it is only fitting that he would want to stay here and help his dad and learn a little more before he is out on his own. The universities of Miami and Oregon will not have Lara as a student this year, but luckily, Long Beach will. More information on Emmanuel Lara can be found below



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