Week 13 – Artist Conversation – Brittnee Forline


The gallery this past week presented itself in a very interesting way, in the sense that it had something new. I was intrigued by the different style of art, which was the utilization of metal. The metal and the different manipulations really interested me. The artist, Brittnee Forline, was able to tell me a little more about the art.

She told me that she has two main sources of inspiration. I thought both were very interesting partly because she ended up giving me reasons as to why these two individual things have inspired her. She says that the medieval time period has surely influenced her. I have gathered that Forline has an appreciation for the that specific era, especially since she has given me reasons for believing so.

In more detail, she told me that her main influence in style is fantasy. She picks historically from stories, books, and video games that really speak to her, so she can exhibit her talents and bring certain events to life. She dictates that sometimes, life brings life change. Her art has allowed her to be around the things she enjoys while she also given the opportunity to realize her interests and appreciations.

In addition, she has done some work with her mannequins. Although she claims to have borrowed the mannequins from school for the sole use of display, she did utilize them to exhibit her metal jewelry pieces, specifically the necklaces. She wanted to see what they would look like on something and to see how they would appear on a human body. By looking at her pieces, one could visualize the detail and the amount of time it must have taken Brittnee to do some of her work. She claims that it depended entirely on the piece.

Brittnee said a lot of interesting things. I could tell that she was passionate about not only her work, but the reasons of why she illustrates and creates what she does. She utilizes metal because it is durable and flexible, and she illustrates her favorite events from stories so she will not forget them. Forline thinks that it is wise, at least for her, to work ahead and judging by the definition of her own work, that ideal is apparent because her work is carefully and diligently sculpted. We both agree that imagery is important in a majority of things, but that is only one thing that the Metals Major and I agreed upon in our conversation.



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