Week 12 – Extra Credit Assignment – Activity Feedback

I really enjoyed most of the activities that were presented to us this past semester. I did have a few favorites in mind, however. I really did enjoy the “Counterfactual Identity” project. That really challenged me at the beginning to embrace some of my inner personality and confidence that I did not know I really had before. In addition, I really liked the more recent “Death” scene. I had the opportunity to be playful and look into my own creativity. Fortunately and conveniently, this project for me landed on Halloween night. So, it was nice to be able to play both roles in that regard. Lastly, last week’s activity of “Your Turn” I think really gave us, the students, an opportunity to showcase our talents and hobbies. I was stuck on deciding what I was actually going to do, but then I realized that I could really show people something. These activities took the most time, but they were the most enjoyable for me because I got to showcase my work and challenge myself.

Honestly, I did not really have a least favorite activity. All were pretty fun and experimental for me. If I had to decide, I would say that most activities were fair, but a couple may have required maybe a little too much out of us. To encompass the rest of the posed questions, I would suggest that the class be more centered around what people expect when they first come into the class: drawing/illustrating/photography. I feel many people who have taken the class that I have conversed with have suggested that they did not expect the class to be as such. A majority of them said they expected to draw or be introduced to the aspects of drawing, like on a canvas or paper. So, even the “French Girls” project was probably a very relevant activity for many of the students.

Some of the activities required that we go to locations which were not very convenient without a car or a friend who drove a car. These places should not be offered as extra credit, but as sole alternatives and suggestions to people. Maybe these places could count as extra credit for someone in special conditions or circumstances to bring their grades up to par, rather than for all people who CAN make it.

I do not have many criticisms for the class. I enjoy it and there is nothing to complain about. The 3 posts a week can be a little time consuming, but they are not too bad once you get the hang of them. I am glad we have the opportunity to speak so much with our classmates. I feel like that is a good addition to the class in the long run.IMG_4654


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