Week 12 – Classmate Interview – Abigail Garcia


This past week at the galleries, I had the opportunity to officially meet a young lady whom I have seen around. I enjoyed our conversation, and Abigail Garcia did as well. We had many laughs as our conversation progressed.

First off, I knew I already knew Abigail. We have Art 110 together, and we also have Africana Studies class together. We never officially met until last Thursday, but I am glad we did because now we know each other, and I know more about one girl that shares two classes with me. She is a Psychology major and she is going to declare Child Development as her minor. She claims to have wanted to be a pediatrician, but she realized that she wanted to be more personal with her patience. So, she is torn between being a pediatrician and a psychiatrist. I could tell that she is obviously a very altruistic person, looking to care for children and to make sure they grow up well.

Garcia says that working with children is a passion for her. She loves working with them and in return, they love working with her. I thought that it really must be a special feeling to be adored by children all of time. It is nice because there are many people that say that they have grown to have that passion, but not all of them can say that children naturally gravitate towards them in reciprocation. She dictates that one reason she has been so passionate about children is because she never had siblings, younger ones at that. She has babysat quite a bit and for her, it was never for the money but for the joy of being with the kids.

Apart from working with children, she works in the library and she is a member of Sigma Alpha Lamda, which is not sorority, but an honors program and organization that serves the community. They have participated in the Relay For Life. In addition, she actually wants to be a part of ASL, the group that instructs American Sign Language. She claims that this will help her work with def kids and if there were an organization that could assist students to learn braille or something to help blind children, she would take on that group as well.

Aside from what she told me about her life and her interests, she has definitely given me the impression that she is ambitious, but for others as well as herself. I am glad to have had the opportunity to speak with her. Hopefully we can speak more in Art and/or Africana Studies. I hope to ask her more questions about her future. However, for now, I will have this to resort to:



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