Week 12 – Artist Conversation – Angie Samblotte


This past week, I was really interested in the artwork because there were themes that suggested a paradoxical element to life which has always been intriguing to me. So, to further my knowledge of the background of the work, I had the opportunity to speak with a pretty cool person by the name of Angie Samblotte, the artist that worked on a couple of the art pieces with Lacy McCune.

First, I asked about her the stylistic influence in her art. Angie said that she is naturally just a graphic person, and pencil and line have always been her forte. The lines in her work define the form and space. The style is more personal and the way it is used is supposed to define the personality of the work and the personality of the artists. Different artists illustrate different perspectives because they have different experiences.

The next major question I had posed to Angie dealt with her inspiration for her individual pieces. She claimed that her whole life has been a growing and everlasting experience as she is constantly being inspired by many different things. It was very interesting because as I observed more from her in our conversation, I inferred that she has very strong appreciation for nature. Nature has a lot to do with our everyday lives, and sometimes, people take that for granted because it tends to be something that a lot of us overlook on an everyday basis.

For example, the art piece “Awkward Hug” depicts a part of Samblotte’s everyday life. She says that this event is something that happens on a regular. She will give someone a hug while remaining in one spot, and she her arms will extend around the body of the person while she awkwardly tries to execute a friendly hug. The person whom she hugs usually reciprocates, but in her drawings, this concept is illustrated through the branches, which also signify growing.

Her piece “Daily Death” represents her appreciation for and observation of nature. The leaves are falling from the tree as they happen to do so in everyday life. This signifies that although the leaves die and gracefully fall, humans have a tendency to step on them without thinking about the cycle of life.The work also encompasses that cycle of life and death/decay by showing the movements by which the leaves pass down and indicate decay after life. Angie says that people usually do not care about stepping on leaves as they have become immune to it, but they fear stepping on artwork.

After speaking with Angie, I had an even broader perspective on nature. I have always appreciated it not only because it is essential to living, but because nature has its own living cycle. Angie is a fifth year Art Major with a focus in Illustration. After discussing the elements of nature and how they are incorporated in her work, she claims that she has had to think about her work before illustrating it on a canvas. We both agreed that one must have “roots before branches”.



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