Week 11 – Classmate Interview – Kelsey Apariceo


This past week in Art 110, I met a very nice young lady and fellow sophomore by the name of Kelsey Apariceo. She was nice and personable, and I really appreciated her approach on many things, from the beginning of our encounter to the end.

I learned that Kelsey is a Kinesiology major here at CSULB. Call me prejudice toward athletes, but I knew right away she was involved with sports (I am an athlete, so it is alright that I do that to Kelsey and any other athlete). She looked like she was ready to run six miles. I just had a feeling and when she told me that she has pretty much always been in some way involved with athletics, I knew she was not lying.

The interesting thing is, not only is she into sports, but she has participated in multiple sports that require a lot from the athlete. In her lifetime, she has been a part of karate and swimming. When she told me she was a part of karate (which she has stopped at the age of thirteen), I was reminded of how I did not complete that part of my life when I was young, and then, she proceeded to say that she has also been a part of the swim team at a time in her life. That was definitely one of the only sports that I have not done athletically, just for recreational purposes. However, Kelsey has pretty much stopped doing karate and swimming as now she mainly focuses on school and soccer. Soccer has always been her dominant sport for the most part.

As she is athletic, she is also a naturally inquisitive person. She asked me many questions regarding my personal life and my placement within the LGBTQIA community. She was very considerate and curious as to how the overall community is, and she also was curious about my personal “Coming Out” story. I appreciated her curiosity because she gave me the chance to inform her on things she was not aware of prior to conversing with me. In addition to this, personally for her, she likes to ask people what their favorite ice cream is and whether or not they have an Instagram. I was actually thrown by the questions because I was definitely not expecting them. She surprised me; she did not tell me she could also throw curve balls.

Apariceo told me she was from Downey, so I wondered why she decided to closer to home. She said the CSULB was actually her backup and CSU Northridge was her first choice for university. She was unsure about that school in particular because she was not sure how much financial assistance she was going to be granted, so she chose this school. She is not disappointed with her decision, however. Quite frankly, the school has gained another great addition.



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