Week 10 Activity – Death


At first, I had the idea of dying in a car window. By how that sounds, it can already be seen as difficult to execute. I was planning on laying on the window frame, hanging from my stomach. This is another one of my ideas! In this crime scene, I am up against the wall and laying on the floor. There is blood on the bathtub and there is knife on the ground in front of me.

I am an actor/ actress that has been found in the bathroom. After filming the last scene of the movie, “Lana Gone Wild”, I headed back to the dressing room. I took off my leggings and my heels and realized that I needed to shower. So, I go to the bathroom and that is where I am struck by my killer. He/ She came in a stabbed me in the back while I was undressing and preparing for a shower. I stare blankly into the light, wondering if it is the end of the beginning. In this place, I suppose it is open to interpretation.


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