Week 9 – Classmate Conversation – Allison Wendell


I had a great time talking to my new friend on Thursday. It was great talking to first year Film major, Allison Wendell, as we connected on more than we both expected. It turns out we have very similar interest and it is nice to know that we view some things in the exact same way. I met her first at Seal Beach last month, but we talked about more during this encounter.

First, Allison is, as stated before, a freshman Film student here at CSULB. She is from Huntington Beach and she is already having a good time experiencing the life in Long Beach. She says that Cal State Fullerton is closer to where she lives; however, she absolutely fell in love with the campus. So, she indulged in applying for the school.

She and I talked a bit about our similar interests in film. She said she has always liked movies since she was a young girl. She is going into Film not just looking to do camera work, but she is also interested in doing creative writing as well. For Film/ Theatre people, we would more than likely refer to that aspect of the shows as screenwriting. However, the creative writing class was full this term. So, unfortunately, Allison did not have the opportunity to take the class. Instead, she ended up taking Art class, which she has enjoyed so far.I told her that I was interested, as well, in emphasizing in screenwriting as a Film Major. We even strive from the same motive as well. Wendell claims that she likes the idea of “influencing people’s emotions”. I respect that because I feel that if we are able to do so, we can actually making a difference for many people in and out of specific communities that need to be heard. She agrees with this as well.

Wendell asked me what I liked to do for fun. I responded and told her that I like to edit music and I am also a part of organizations in and out of school. As the conversation progressed, I mentioned something else to her as well. Her face illuminated and a smile grew on her face when I told her that I also make Sims videos. She started to laugh and she said that it was cool that I had that as a hobby. She is a “Simmer”. She began to ask me questions that only someone who played that game on a regular or has played the game enough would know about. For example, she asked me if I had custom content and the Inteenimater. We both agree that once one starts playing the game, there really is no returning to a life without The Sims. The game is captivating and Allison says that once you are in the game, “you are in”. I giggled at the comment.

Allison has a bright personality and I know that she is going to work hard to arrive at her desired destination. She is very personable and optimistic. Although she is not a part of many things right now, she has decided to take my advice and look into little organizations such as Film Club and College Beat. I recommended these organizations to her because she is currently planning a short film with fellow classmate, Diana Martinez. She said, “I don’t know why we didn’t think of that”, and I could not help but laugh. If we both stay committed to our dreams, as I know she has the potential, we will see where each other is once we are both either temporarily or permanently “down on the West Coast”. More on the fabulous Allison can be found below!



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