Week 8 – Classmate Conversation – Maeghan McBee


I met Maeghan McBee at Seal Beach last month for the first time. We actually talked for a little bit, but we did not have much time for that much one on one conversation. Little did I know, we have many of the same interests., one being that we are both from Northern California.

McBee is a second year Criminal Justice major here at CSULB. She claims to have chosen Criminal Justice due to her experiences with her grandmother and they have inspired her to be just like those cops, catching and fighting off the “bad guys”. One show in particular that she used to watch with her grandmother is CSI: Miami. I thought it was comical because these aspirations really do derive from childhood memories and experiences, even aspirations that are adversarial.

Maeghan also says that she also has an interest in rehabilitation. This is definitely either a backup or secondary field she would look into, second to being a detective. She says that she has always loved the concept of dealing with all aspects of criminality. I admired her tenacity to the subject at hand, as I know I would not be so confident in working in this field. It is innate for her to be good in this field, as she has also explained her desire to help people.

In San Francisco, she and her brother would go to a fast food restaurant, solely to buy something off of the dollar menu and provide it to the homeless. That reminds me a lot of what my father would do as well for people in need. In addition, Maeghan dedicates her time to Rotor Act, which basically provides community service. For example, they have planned to go to Mexico and form a temporary dental care program for children. Talk about altruistic. The Vice President of the club, Maeghan’s friend introduced her to the club and Maeghan knew it was something she wanted to look more into.

In addition to expressing her care for people, Maeghan has artistic and adventurous sides. She has always liked to paint. In that regard, she claims to have gained inspiration from the art of the Renaissance. To her, the art and the coloring of it all are just beautiful and not so modern. She likes to hike and read. She suggests that reading allows her to delve into the mind of others, allowing her to gain multiple perspectives on life’s substances. One of the many things we have in common is that we both have an undying support for singer, Christina Aguilera. We agree that not only is her voice strong, but she is as well as she is influential and motivational. When she was younger, she used to be in plays and musicals. Speaking of musicals, it has gone unmentioned, up until now, that we both like the movie Burlesque.

Maeghan chose CSULB because she wanted to be in Southern California. She agrees with me when I say that Northern California is a good place to raise your children, but as far as careers go, So Cal is innovative and ideal. She declined the offers from CSU Sacramento, UNLV, and UNR. She had wanted to start her own adventure by moving away from her friends and family, which in turn would offer her a clean slate for a new beginning in independence.

Maeghan is a nice young lady and seems to have a good head on her shoulders. I am sure she will get to where she wants and needs to be. More information on Maeghan is down below:



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