Week 7 Activity – Graffiti Painting



Unfortunately, I was not able to make it Venice Beach like I wanted to. I knew I still had to do the project, so I had to be creative. At first I was going to paint on the ground outside of my apartment, but then I realized that was illegal. So, I figured I could just buy seven poster boards and spray paint my name on those.

So, once I got them into the apartment. I decided to lay them out on the floor and figure out how I wanted them organized. I had purchased blue and pink spray paint from Lowe’s, but I wasn’t shore how to detail my name. I was indecisive in choosing which style to go with, blue outline with pink fill or vise-versa. I ultimately chose to go with pink outline and blue fill. I reluctantly started to outline my name with the pink spray paint. I noticed after the second letter that the paint was beginning to stain the carpet, as some of it spread onto the ground. I had to clean up very quickly to avoid permanent stains. I realized that, after cleaning, I was in my apartment, with my paint and poster boards dispersed in succession, all on the floor with no towel. I could not spare any of my towels or any of those from my roommates and I knew I didn’t want to put these posters on the ground outside to get dirty.

As I struggled to find a solution for a good painting location. I looked outside the screen door and remembered that we had a pretty spacious balcony. I go out to look at it and realize that I had been pretty absentminded for the past 10 minutes. I begin to take out my poster boards one by one, and continue to outline. Once each of the posters contained an outlined letter, I started over with “A”, but this run through would be to fill the letters with blue paint. After all of this was done, I left them on the balcony to dry overnight.

I was nervous in the beginning because I was not sure if the paint would even show up that well on poster board, but I was proven wrong. I was proud of the work and although it could have been better, I am not disappointed with the bubble letters. I concentrated very hard on making the letters, trying to make them perfect. I did mess up at times, especially on the N’s. However, I knew that I just had to keep going. I liked the project. Sometimes, it was challenging, but in a good way.




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