Week 7 – Classmate Conversation – Kim Tang


Not only was this last week’s art colorful all around, but the person I met was more colorful than that. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet the sweet Kim Tang and we had a wonderful conversation.

For a majority of our conservation, Kim had asked me a lot of questions that were directly related to not just my educational life, but my social and personal life as well. She is a very curious person about things in life as general which to me, was very cute and adorable. She asked me questions regarding my career choice and what I do on my free time. As the conversation progressed, she grew a natural interest in my personal life and started to ask me questions based on my sexuality. I felt that I was already able to connect with her on that regard. As I am already indifferent to what people have to say as negative, I was openly ready to share any experience she was curious about.

During this conversation, Kim showed a side of herself that was obviously very respectful. She is very considerate of other people and very attentive to the words and and lives of people. In other words, she is apparently caring. She has a natural passion for helping people and ensuring some time of well-being for all. Although, she claimed to be oblivious in regards to the social issues that revolve around the LGBTQIA community, she said that I had opened her mind to things she didn’t know before and that she was grateful for that. Like I said, she cares.

Because I knew that was an admirable quality, I began to Ms. Tang her questions regarding her life. I asked her why she decided to attend Long Beach State. She says that she would like to be an anesthesiologist. She’s a second year student, studying nursing and hopes one day to be in that field. She says that it is not really necessary that she become the top doctor because she will still be able to help people and make an adequate amount of money. She also said that being an anesthesiologist would allow her to complete her work, while not having to communicate so much with the patience in the surgery room.

One other thing I appreciate is that Kim has an appreciation for life. She is from a place about an hour away where nice trees are not very prominent. In addition to her career choice and CSULB being a good school, she also said that another reason she chose to attend this school was because at SOAR, she had fallen in love with the beautiful trees. Apparently we have gorgeous trees, so “why not enjoy them?”



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