Week 6 – Classmate Conversation – Calvin Vo


Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to meet Calvin Vo, a freshman studying the techniques and rigorousness of Civil Engineering. He commutes, thirty minutes, from Cypress.

Calvin chose to be a Civil Engineering major as a result of two of his interests: math/ physics and construction. He said that his first major of choice was Architecture and then he changed because Civil Engineering was more up his alley in terms of combining his passion and skills together.

This young man definitely has a general idea of what he would like to do in the future. To see what he will be getting himself into in the future, Calvin has dedicated some of his time to ASCE, the American Society of Civil Engineers. People who are in the major make up most of the members, of course. He was accepted into Cal Poly, UC Santa Barbara and UC Riverside. He ultimately chose CSU Long Beach because it was closer and more convenient for him. Also, Cal Poly’s school design was not to his liking. His first school of choice was UC Irvine, which rejected him, unfortunately. In his defense, I can say that UC Irvine has definitely missed out on a cool kind of student.

When I first met Calvin, he was a really nice guy with a good attitude. Half way through our conversation, Calvin calls his friend, Ryan, over to introduce him to me. Although, I feel that it was also an invitation to accompany him for the rest of his available time. Calvin reminded Ryan that I was the drag queen in the activity of Week 5, Counterfactual Identity. Calvin, then, proceeded to compliment my work for the week and Ryan was of accord. As we began to browse the artwork of the artists, all three of us realized that we had something in common: the realization of music. Each time we said something, someone in our trio sung a line from a song that began with the words the we had just verbalized. This lasted for about half of the time we spent together looking at the art. Afterwards, we laughed at the silliness we had in common.

I had fun interviewing Calvin. It seemed like he was intent on knowing the answers to the questions he had for me. His singing also proved to me that he has an artistic side, which is likely to be expressed through construction in Civil Engineering. With his attitude and personality, he will be able to do things in this life. More can be found on Calvin Vo at his site below:                 (Also, I am planning on changing the main picture. Calvin Vo can be seen in the picture on the right side of me in white. In the second picture, he’s the one to the far right)



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