Week 6 Activity – French Girls

This was a nice experience. I did not know that drawing on my phone would be as difficult as it was. It was definitely different drawing a full picture of someone on my phone, but it was a nice activity because now I know how it will be to do so for future references. I picked two pictures that would not necessarily be easy or challenging to redraw, but were interesting in that they potentially offered multiple interpretations. That’s where I drew some of my inspiration for my own selfies for this project.IMG_4846 IMG_4851 IMG_4845 IMG_4847

I saw the picture of the girl in the chair and I originally thought that she was mad at someone or something. Then I thought: she could be irritated, annoyed, through, mad, sad. It was a whole range of emotions that ran through my mind. Similarly, the picture of the young man evoked the emotions as well, but on the contrary. These emotions were lighter, but not necessarily the lightest. This photo illustrates, through interpretation emotions and states of being such as, nonchalance, relaxation, sadness, calmness, depression. The ambiguity within these photos really attracted me. That is what made the pictures hard to draw, not the fact that they are originally captured.


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