Week 4 – Classmate Conversation – Steven Lozano


His tye-dye shirt drew me in from the get-go and from then, I knew he would be an interesting guy. I had the opportunity to meet and get to know newcomer to Long Beach State, Steven Lozano.

Lozano is from Whittier, about forty minutes east of Long Beach. I asked him why he chose Long Beach, because at the beginning, it seemed like a far commute to me. He remarked that my hometown was, in fact, far as well. He told me that his brother told him that CSULB was a good school and that’s one thing that influenced him to attend this school.

Not only was his brother an influential contributor to Lozano’s ultimate decision in his choice of school, but the school offered his majors and he knew that he would be able to fulfill his dream by utilizing what the school had. Ironically, he decided the he had a passion art in his first year in high school and as this is his first year in college, he is currently on track as a Business major and an Art minor.

Lozano’s motivations and inspirations are innovative and impressive. He is a Business major and an Art minor because both of these career paths support his overall dream: to own his own T-Shirt business. Not only does he want to make his own T-Shirts, but he also wants to make and sell posters.  Lozano already has the idea in his mind that his clothes will be comical and political, especially his posters. He has referred to the ideal satire for his posters.

His inspiration for art and his dream derived from a documentary he had seen with the main plot of a man who was in jail, but then started his own company. Lozano thought to himself, “Why can’t I do that?” The image of him saying that in the moment made me laugh because it was very realistic.

Steven Lozano’s nice character is definitely one that is on its way to big things. His interests of music ranging from funk to the new slow rap to Louis Armstrong and his wide range of favorite movies including Cars and Batman trilogy demonstrate that he is flexible in terms of life and ideas. He has turned down Cal Poly and CSU Fullerton as they were only backups for him. He knew that his home was going to be Long Beach and the school has gained one aspiring young man. More on Steven Lozano can be found below:



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