Week 3 – Classmate Conversation – David Aceves


It is obvious that CSULB has many future engineers, and David Aceves is one of the ones who has already started getting a start on his career through his own projects.

David has known for a while that he has wanted to be a civil engineer. He claims to have grown up around construction, housing, and building. He also claims that math and science are his strong fields and have really contributed to his desire to being a civil engineer. Actually, the skills and experiences are pretty applicable to what he is striving to do. Interestingly enough, Aceves says that he would be going into more of the designing aspect of engineering, which is what civil engineering focuses on.

David has embraced his creative side by investing his time in his interests, which are also attributes amongst his goals for engineering. For example, he has taken the time to develop high-tech items such as a 3D Printer (which he is currently thinking in starting a kickstarter project so he can build another), an AR Rifle and a wooden bed. All of these products have taken him a while to complete and although the duration of time spent on making these items may be prolonged, David appreciates the experience.

David has stated that he does not have that much of a social life, but it is because he prefers to dedicate his time to his developments and focus on things that will help him. He also likes what that requires because he enjoys it and it guides him to the destination at which he would like to eventually arrive. He has even put money into this because his developments and ideas matter so much to him.

As his career is important to him and he is a college, Aceves has not completely ruled out the social aspect of life. He has decided to join organizations, one being ACE, which aims to aid the future engineers. David has claimed to have enjoyed the multiple work experiences because it will help him to grow professionally. He is also a part of the school’s rugby team, which is on the more dangerous side of things; however, David enjoys this type of work as well. As David strives to fulfill his goals with such tenacity, he has also taken on the position as a physics tutor, which is truly genuine.

All in all, David is a great student. He knows what he wants to do and he has taken, and continues to take, the necessary steps to achieving such goals. He’s academic as well as athletic and social in his own right. So, he is a well -rounded student. He knew that electing CSULB apart from three other universities was the correct decision for him to make. Coming from San Fernando Valley with such ambitious ideas has really motivated David to work hard and as he has been taught to do, “stick to code”.



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