Week 3 – Artist Conversation – Jesse Lubben


The pictures and portraits crafted by young artists such as Jesse Lubben really allow other young artists to embrace their inner creativity. Uniquely enough, Lubben illustrates what he has learned and what has inspired him through capturing images, rendering a contrast between them.

Jesse states that he has always loved art since he was a little child. He loved to draw and he was absolutely obsessed with Lego’s. As he started to reach maturity, he had begun to feel inspired by anthropologist, Loren Eiseley, whose work focuses on a geological frame. One element of Eiseley’s work that stands out to Jesse is that of evolution within poetry, which contains material directly related to natural history and science. This alone has encouraged Jesse to continue his own work through this format of artistry.

To commence his career of art, Lubben decides that it is best to try out many different fields out to see which fits him the best with, ultimately, having the respect for each regardless. Already having embraced the love for art, he had gone through a series of classes for photography, sculpting, illustrating and painting at a school in Citrus. He even took a focus on business and economics, but ultimately found that he would be happy with selecting the art major at Long Beach State. He loves the work and he believes that the best art is displayed through the efforts of the one who crafts it.

For example, in his portraits “Giclée on Enhanced Matte”, Lubben captures the images of rocks with a beautiful blue shade and the images of a tree trunk. With the two contrasting images, he was interested in the textures of the products and thinks that the images “speak to each other”. With this in mind, the relationship between the two pictures can be established as spacial and indicative in the environment, which is what Jesse aims to depict.

With such an artistic viewpoint, Jesse’s personality is clearly demonstrated. Another work of art the Jesse has is embedded on his arm, which are his detailed tattoos. He claims to have a fascination for animal suits and the juxtaposition of animals and humans. Jesse is hoping to continue his artwork and to let his creativity shine. He is happy to be at CSULB and the art department has a nice student, as he is both kind and tenacious.


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