Week 2 – Classmate Conversation – Devante Lindsey


     This past week, I had the opportunity to meet a student that is a year ahead of me. I met one of the juniors of The Beach, Devante Lindsey, who has the current goal of being a nurse.

     Lindsey is majoring in nursing at the moment, and there is an interesting reason as to why he decided to go into nursing. Devante has stated that he likes to help people and that he has always liked to do so; so, why not pursuit it? Interestingly enough, as Devante and I were conversing about school and majors, I knew from the very beginning that he had an interest in helping others because of his very friendly persona. He is also very outgoing as he is very open to answering questions.

     Although he would like to make sure people are safe and secure, he has rejected the idea of becoming a cop. I thought this was comical. It was not comical that he did not want to be a cop; it was the reason behind not wanting to be one. He suggests that he, himself, is too gullible to be a policeman as he would be easily swayed in a situation to believe false statements. I think he is just too nice for that as well for that kind of demand in that position.

     Before all of the decision-making for college, Devante was an athlete in his high school career. He was a part of the football team for all four years, which he claims that he had a good time because it was just a sport he liked to do for fun. As he paid attention to the cadence in football, Devante also paid close attention to music and its variations of beats. This form of appreciation Lindsey has for music still remains today. “If [he] likes the beat, then [he] likes the song” as well, which implies that he is musical or artistic, or both.

     Devante is a young man, native of North Long Beach. He chose to come to CSULB because it’s close to where he lives and he thought, “why not?” He was also accepted into CSUSD, but declined the acceptance to come here. I’m sure Lindsey will fulfill his personal duty to help those around him. He has already started to make the necessary decisions to getting himself there. More on Devante Lindsey can be found at his website!




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