Instagram Write-Up

Overall, the photos posted from the many students of Art110 are quite intriguing. Many of them share the same qualities through different perspectives interestingly enough.

One quality they all share is the color. Although the colors vary from hot pink to fluorescent blue and all around, the colors suggest some sort of happiness or enjoyment. It is noticeable from the beginning as something as simple as the color draws in those who are just cruising the #art110f14 tag.

Another similar quality among the pictures is the beauty and the “personality” amongst them. Through unique personification, I delve into the lives of the posters just through one little post. The pictures imply how the people are in general, what they like, how they behave, and that’s what makes the pictures beautiful and give them personality.

There is a very deep commonality of personal nature amongst the pictures as well. Many pictures are either taken outside, or taken in an environment that is relevant to the poster. That’s interesting because as one browses the pictures in the tag, he or she will notice that there is no picture that is exactly the same as the other. That is a declaration that no one is exactly the same and that is probably the most intriguing quality of these pictures.

All of the pictures are nice in the sense that they all have their individual qualities that make them “them”, similar to people in a way. It is impressive to see what people can do within the duration of twenty-four hours. It is even more impressive that someone can see it all through one picture that contains such a powerful expression.




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