Week 1 – Classmate Conversation – Jasmine Hooper :)


     It is very interesting to meet new people. I was given the opportunity to meet a new member of The Beach this past week. Her name is Jasmine Hooper, a freshman who currently has the goal of going into the mechanical engineering field.

      Although Hooper is currently on her way to being a mechanical engineer, she has other passions and interests as well. One of her biggest passions is art, which she has loved since her early childhood and has gained a bit of inspiration for her major. Uniquely enough, she combined her passion of art and building with her adeptness in mathematics to ultimately elect her major. She has even won 4th place in a local art contest. So, with that kind of success already under her belt, she definitely has some idea of what she would like to do with her life after she graduates.

     Jasmine has a fantastic personality. She is outgoing and shy all at once. So, one may call her balanced. I just call her friendly and observant. It was noticeable that as our first conversation progressed, there were a series of people who kindly interrupted us to greet me. After the third person, she kindly asked me to confirm her thoughts on if I had “a lot of friends”. I found the question funny, but I realized that she was really curious. I reciprocated the question and she told me that she had her good friends, but that’s all she needed. I could tell that she was looking to have a good time here at the school. She has already taken the necessary steps as to choosing her friends and major wisely. Even she knew those were the first steps.    

     It may not be expected but she will tell you that she absolutely loves the band, The 1975s. Interestingly enough, she and I share the same respects for out favorite musical artists. She says that her favorite band has a motive through its music, which is to deliver positive messages to its fans and all else who cares to listen to the music. For this band, the popularity is unimportant. Jasmine agrees that this type of motive and care for people is what makes an artist, or artists, real with respectable artistry and talent. As she is already artistic, Jasmine wishes to get a tattoo of the band. She loves the band enough to get a tattoo of their symbols or emblems, but not to get their faces carved on her body. That makes sense because, what if something happens? The permanence is real and so is that kind of commitment. 

      Speaking of “commitment”, Jasmine is also curious as to how CSULB is in general. She knows the school is very diverse and is looking to branch out a little bit and join a few clubs. She already has her mind set on one for sure, which is dedicated to the upcoming mechanical engineers of the future. When our first encounter was coming to a conclusion, she asked me, “how many clubs are there?” as we walked and saw the preparation for Week of Welcome taking place. I was lost for words because I know there are just hundreds, in and out of the school.  

     Although Long Beach State was not Jasmine’s first choice of universities to attend, she has stated that she is glad she chose to come here. She is in for the time of her life, and she knows it already. Jasmine Hooper’s art can be found here:



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